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Jan Williams

jan williams

I'm Jan, I live in Barnsley with my partner and our daughter. We have 2 cats, 4 guinea pigs and Bobbin our crazy, funny, bouncy Amicii dog, the love of our lives. As part of the Amicii team I generate the Just Giving campaigns to help raise money for dogs who need medical treatment. I also help out with the Pets4Homes adverts.

It's a privilege being part of the friendly team who volunteer for Amicii - such a dedicated charity who work hard for the love of dogs.

Tracey Baker

tracey baker


I'm Tracey and I live in Worcester with my four dogs and very understanding husband, Deano. I first got involved with Amicii at the beginning of 2018 when I started walking the dogs waiting for rehoming in our local kennels. Since then I have become more involved, going on several volunteer trips to our Romanian shelter, transporting dogs on the happy bus to their new homes in the UK, fundraising and organising our annual dog show.

Being part of Amicii has changed my life. We are a family joined together by a passion for rescuing dogs.

Amanda Harrison-White

amanda harrison
I'm Amanda Harrison-White and I have five rescue dogs, two of which are Amicii dogs - Percy in the photo and Coco. I live in Torquay Devon.

I first heard about Amicii Dog Rescue via a friend who had adopted her dog from them and said what a wonderful rescue they were. I've been involved with Amicii ever since, helping with the adoption side of the charity and I have to say its the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

Angie Jay

angie jay 700

My name is Angie. I live in Worcester with my partner Col, and our three rescue dogs, one Irish Greyhound, one Spanish Galgo and one German Shepherd who is our Amicii rescue. In 2014 I attended a table top sale which was organised by Ann Pursey to raise monies for the Amicii charity and there my involvement with Amicii began.

In 2015 I made my first volunteer trip to Romania where I met our dog Zeus and I have volunteered every year since. The initial trip was such an experience in more ways than I could have imagined and ever since I have tried to help positively with fundraising and helping to walk the rescued Amicii dogs locally. My involvement with Amicii has allowed me to make new friends in the U.K. and Romania and also to spend valuable time with the doggies. I’m proud to be part of Amicii.

Zoe Neild

zoe neild 700

I’m Zoe and I live in Derby with my partner and two Amicii dogs Poppy and George. I’ve volunteered for Amicii since 2016 after my friend Kelly got me into fostering dogs while I still lived at home and I’ve never looked back since!

I help with running the Facebook page and the paperwork for transporting dogs to the UK as well as being a trustee for the charity. Fostering and volunteering to help the dogs find their homes is so rewarding and if you can, get involved! Amicii is an amazing family to be part of.

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