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Got my two dogs from Amicii. The help they gave from the start is amazing. Even after three years I know they will be there if I need help. The love and compassion they have is unbelievable.

Yvonne Phillips

We were allowed to home an Amicii dog even though we work full time (we will have dog walkers when I am at work). One dog was refused to us though, as he wouldn't be suitable (too young for the work hours we do, and not good with children). They did however match us to another dog, and boy did they get it right, as here we are with an amazing new member to our family.

Just that first process proved to me that Amicii care endlessly about the dogs they rescue, and will not just home a dog anywhere, for the dog to end up back in a shelter. As I work in a school they even accommodated the travel from Romania so that we could receive the dog at the beginning of the school holidays, so that I could be at home to settle her in. They bent over backwards for not only the dogs needs, but ours too. If the right dog comes along, we would not hesitate to adopt from Amicii again and I will be recommending them whereever I go.

Amanda Mills

I recommend Amicii Dog Rescue. The people there are so amazing and do a great job. Thank you!

Ina Mackenzie

A brilliant dog rescue charity. They really care for the animals and look after them extremely well. Our vet was very impressed with how well our dog had been cared for from a medical point of view. He was well socialised and the advice we were given was very thorough. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Louisa Denyer

They were brilliant, supportive and excellent value for money (adoption fee). I would thoroughly recommend using them. Our beautiful Wilf is an amazing dog

Jane Hopkins

Absolutely fantastic! After much discussion we adopted the perfect dog for our family, would recommend to anyone looking to rescue.

Mary Gillam

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