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We collected our new pup Mavis earlier this evening, she is so lovely! She's currently wagging her tail against me whilst my daughter plays with her. We've all had snuggles, licks and nibbles, we are already in love! She's 9 months old now, I first saw her on Amicii's Facebook page labelled 'Street Girl' - she had been rescued by a lovely lady from Amicii after she found her going up to strangers in the street trying to lick them. The whole process of applying for Mavis, having a virtual home visit, talking to the wonderful Amicii team has been great, I can't recommend Amicii highly enough. There is so much support and you are kept up to date throughout the process. I cried happy tears when we collected Mavis and when I messaged her original rescuer & sent pictures she told me she cried too. Lovely genuine people ♥️


We rescued Tara (now Maple) and are already in love with her. It’s very evident that she was well cared for whilst at the shelter in Romania. Her nails are nice and trimmed, she loves people and to our surprise she can already do sit, down and leave it very well. We plan on reinforcing her already solid start to training! She’s only 5 months old and just perfect in every way! The whole process of adopting was much easier than we anticipated and we loved working with everyone at Amicii while on our adoption journey. Thank you!

Sara Elizabeth

Aside from the dedication to their work, Amicii is totally professional, very organised and thorough in the adoption process, and we always had prompt replies to the million question we had before deciding to adopt. While waiting for our puppy we were homechecked, and then kept informed of his progress with regular photographs, and during his journey from Romania we had regular updates. We can’t imagine our lives without Valentino (was Bertie) - big name for very small dog! Thank you xx

Sue Cole

We adopted Anna, now Dolly, only yesterday. It's still early days and we all have to learn about each other but she is the sweetest dog ever. To adopt her was the best decision we have ever made. Everyone I have spoken to or contacted in Amicii have been brilliant and the whole adoption process was perfect. I'm pretty sure Dolly won't be our only Amicii baby.

Vicki Mares-Page

Truly wonderful human beings saving these little souls, one is now in our family. Thank you very much x x x

Katie Roo

We have got the most beautiful dog from Amicii. If it wasn’t for the wonderful work you do, we would never have found this fantastic furry addition to our family!! Thank you

Helen Davies

Amicii seem to be wonderfully caring people and we are truly grateful and delighted that they rescued our amazing Bonnie. Thank you.

Susan Ginn

I cannot praise this rescue enough. I have rescued from both UK and Amicii and Amicii win my vote every time. We adopted Arlo in February and the team were so supportive, offering advice and support even today, if needed. They phoned up a few weeks after adoption to check everything was okay and whether we needed any support with anything. Although we work, the rescue were happy for us to adopt taking into consideration the fact that friends pop in and we already have an existing dog for companionship and our shifts dont always clash and the dogs are walked twice a day.

Carrie-Anne Thornley

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