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UK Rescue Backup


About the campaign

casparAmicii Rescue Back Up

The Amicii Rescue Backup service is a vital part of the work we do, continuing to support dogs and their adopters or fosterers in the UK. We currently have 4 dogs in kennels in Worcester and 11 in Grimsby, all of which are dogs that have been returned to us by adopters or rehoming centres for one reason or another. This is a considerable expense and drain on our resources but, in line with our ethos that we will never give up on a dog, we believe we are right in working with these dogs until such time as they are ready to be rehomed. Some of the dogs are very challenging in terms of behaviour, generally either fear aggression or aggression, so the work is long term as these issues are not resolved overnight. We are really grateful to the teams of volunteers that are working with these dogs and undertaking assessments and regular dog walking. Without them none of this would be possible. Sadly, we also have a further 3 dogs due to be handed back to us but currently we have nowhere for them to go. Any financial support you can give to help with our ongoing costs, no matter how small, will be very gratefully received.


georgeLong term foster dogs
We have 3 dogs in long term foster currently, all with severe medical issues. We are very very grateful to their foster families for giving them loving homes and for helping to manage their care The charity covers their vet bills because their medication costs are quite high in some cases.

We are in urgent need of experienced foster families to help with some of the dogs, especially some dogs that are in kennels currently but really need to take that next step to be in a home environment. If you would like to get involved by helping to foster a dog, please get in touch.

Vets bills
We have a number of outstanding vet bills which we cannot currently pay in full, however we hope that when our next gift aid claim is received we should be able to settle some of these. If you are able to gift aid your donations then please fill out our Online Gift Aid Declaration. It doesn't cost you any more and means we get an extra 25p for every pound you donate.

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UK Rescue Backup

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