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Meg & Elka

meg in story minMeg came into our lives over 4 years ago now when she was only 11 months old and what a 4 years it’s been. We had been looking for our first dog together as we had both grown up with rescue dogs and had been really feeling a big gap in our lives. We love walking and hiking in the Peaks so having a furry companion to join us on these adventures made so much sense. From the moment we saw her we knew she was the one for us, we got ‘that feeling’ immediately. Amazingly she was being fostered only 5 miles down the road from us!

I remember the excitement of waiting to pick her up so clearly, we had all her toys, bed, bowls and treats all ready. She settled in from the moment she got home, I mean really settled in! She pretty much had sussed out within a few seconds of being through the door where the sofa, bed and any other remotely comfortable spot was and has made them her own ever since. She will also do this in any other house she enters (even ones she isn’t supposed to have entered!). To say she lives for comfort and relaxation would be an understatement. It has always amazed us how she would have survived on the rubbish tip in Romania where she was found. She is one intelligent, stubborn and chilled out girl, we always say she travels at ‘Meg speed’. She is an absolute character who has brought the most love, joy and hilarity into our lives.

When I see her so at ease, running through puddles and racing around fields with her best friend Elka (another Romanian Rescue) it never fails to make me feel so happy and grateful she made it safely to us. It is the most rewarding feeling in the world seeing how she has developed since she has settled with us and how much more expressive she is with her love and affection and is completely loyal to her pack. We are forever grateful to the whole Amicii team for bringing her into our lives.

Not a day goes by where she doesn’t get told by people fussing her on walks “Who’s a lovely old boy?” I tell her not to listen she’s young beautiful lady and all the best girls have beards.

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