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sasha story pic minWe had been searching for the right dog for us for months. We wanted a rescue and we knew we wanted a German Shepherd. We searched and searched but we could not find the dog for us. I was scrolling through Facebook one night pretty disappointed we had not been able to find the perfect dog for us and ready to give up. Then I came across the Amicii Facebook page . I had never heard of the charity before, but after doing some reading I knew we had to get an Amicii dog. We could see from the pictures and posts just how much the volunteers cared for the dogs. 

After scrolling we saw some adverts for a beautiful German Shepherd called Tara. We knew from the very first photo we saw that she would become part of our little family so we put in the application. Kelly from Amicii phoned me and gave me all the information we needed to know and we arranged to meet Tara. It felt like the longest wait in the world and we kept saying we know we love her already.

As soon as we met her we saw what an amazing girl she is and organised to pick her up the following week. When we picked up Tara as she was called then, we were given her medication for her hip and told what we could do to keep her hip healthy.

As soon as she walked through the front door she made herself at home, finding every tennis ball we had!  She had cuddles on the sofa and watched some TV, thoroughly enjoying her new life. Sasha has a huge supply of tennis balls and loves to go for 2 hours exercise every day. She is now looking forward to her first seaside holiday in September! 


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