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Our Amicii Dogs In The UK


Added: July 26, 2023, Last updated: July 26, 2023

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption
Location: UK Foster
Sponsor: Not available to sponsor
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years approx
Size: Medium
People Friendly: See information below
Child Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: See information below
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Type Of Home Required: Rural area, quiet home (limited visitors) Plenty of mental and physical stimulation needed.
About This Dog: Darla loves walks and running around, relaxing in the sunshine, playing chase, fetch and tug! She is a bit of an anxious dog but can be very affectionate with her close family and will ask for lots of strokes and tummy rubs. She knows many commands like sit, down, touch, paw, spin, play dead, going through your legs and enjoys practicing these with a tasty treat. Darla visits a dog field with agility equipment which she loves too. She prefers her sleeping space or bed to be left alone and doesn’t like to be approached if she is resting, so she can guard her bedding because of this. She has some resource guarding tendencies with things that she has been chewing on like a bone. So would be best in a home with no children. Darla finds strangers visiting her house very stressful and will bark at them so would need a space where she can’t hear or see guests that she isn’t comfortable with and a quiet home. Darla is energetic and needs plenty of stimulation, but also happy to relax after a nice walk or training session. She would be best suited to a more rural area due to sometimes being reactive to outside noises (like loud neighbours) Vaccinated and spayed.
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