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Our Amicii Dogs In The UK


Added: July 9, 2023, Last updated: August 22, 2023

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption
Location: UK Foster
Sponsor: Available to sponsor
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years approx
Size: Medium to Large
People Friendly: See information below
Child Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: See information below
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Type Of Home Required: Best suited to a single or double adult living situation and someone who will take him on long walks which he loves. No children.
About This Dog: Due to a change in circumstances, we are in need of a new, experienced home for the handsome Sam. Sam is the most loving and attentive dog when he knows you. He has reactivity problems when meeting strangers, and so it needs to be done carefully, but it is possible, especially with adults to build a great relationship. Once he knows people he generally loves them. He's not suitable to live with young children and he can also be reactive with strange dogs but he currently lives with a dog, and they get on great, so living with another dog could be a possibility if being introduced correctly. In the house he’s usually calm and happy, he doesn't like when strangers come in to his home but it can be managed even if he is just in the other room. He doesn't guard food or toys at all and he is very good at following directions. Very, very clever and quick to learn. Safety measures need to be in place with regards to windows and open doors eg child gates. He walks great on a lead and has excellent recall to but needs to be let off away from strangers and not in the park etc. He will bring so much joy to anyone willing to give him the chance he deserves.
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