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Our Amicii Dogs In The UK


Added: March 21, 2023, Last updated: March 21, 2023

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption
Location: UK Foster
Sponsor: Available to sponsor
Sex: Female
Age: DOB July 2019
Size: Medium
People Friendly: See information below
Child Friendly: See information below
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: No
Type Of Home Required: No cat. No children younger than teens. Secure garden.
About This Dog: She’s a lovely family dog. She is currently living with children, but due to her reactivity with new people we will not be rehoming her with young children. Teenagers plus only. She is still very playful and will sometimes nip but not maliciously. She’s calm with people she knows but is reactive to others, especially in her own home. She does come around if the person is calm and allows her to get used to them. She can be quite jumpy and scared of anything, including on walks if people come out of nowhere. She has been fine with dogs that we've seen but she is very bouncy and over powering with her play so if living with another dog, they would need to match this energy. She’s very active, loves to walk, loves to play. She is fully house trained, can be left at home. We leave her in the kitchen with an extra tall stair gate as she loves to jump fences. Secure garden is a must. She’s never been around cats but there are cats in the area and she just barks at them in the garden so no cats. She is currently raw fed as isn’t keen on kibble.
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