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Our Amicii Dogs In The UK


Added: November 5, 2021, Last updated: February 1, 2023

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption
Location: UK Rehoming Centre
Sponsor: Available to sponsor
Sex: Male
Age: DOB: 05.12.2020
Size: Medium to Large
People Friendly: See information below
Child Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: See information below
Cat Friendly: No
Type Of Home Required: Needs an experienced home. No children. Not near busy traffic.
About This Dog: Ralphie is an incredibly handsome boy that will take everyone's breath away when they see him. His personality is just as beautiful as he is incredibly sweet and loving with the people he knows. Ralphie is worried about new people and will require a patient owner willing to keep up with his training where he is learning how to be more confident and comfortable with new people out and about. He cannot live with children as all people involved with Ralphie will need to be on the same page with his training and willing to put in the time and training into him to keep him comfortable around new people. Ralphie would benefit from a home that does not have regular visitors, or has a secure place for him to go in the home when visitors are around. Ralphie would also benefit from a home where he can be walked on quiet routes where you can keep him at a distance to unfamiliar people as he is developing his confidence. Having a moderate to large garden space would be great, as Ralphie does love to run around and play. Ralphie could live with another dog depending on meets both at the rescue and in the home, just to make sure the other dog is happy to live with his puppyish behaviour (although he is learning that not all dogs want to play and developing his social maturity in this way). Ralphie cannot live with a cat and can be scared of fast traffic, so would not suit living on a busy road.
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