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Our Amicii Dogs In The UK

Thelma & Louise

Added: November 5, 2021, Last updated: November 5, 2021

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption
Location: UK Rehoming Centre
Sponsor: Available to sponsor
Sex: Female
Age: 5 years approx
Size: Medium
People Friendly: See information below
Child Friendly: See information below
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Type Of Home Required: Can be re-homed separately or together Rescue experience
About This Dog: Louise (black body) is the more confident of the two and can be dominant with other dogs. She is nervous around men and definitely needs a child free home. Louise likes to run and so a home with a large garden would be best suited for her, ideally in a rural area. The ideal person for Louise will have rescue dog experience and be interested in training, Louise is very treat oriented and will respond well to training. Thelma (wider white gap on head) is much more shy than her sister and takes time to get to trust humans. She is quieter and less boisterous and generally gets on with all other dogs. She loves to run and play. She also needs a rural area, with other dogs ideally, who are well balanced and who like to run. She would generally be ok with well behaved calm older children who would understand that she needs some space and a safe place to go. Thelma has learnt to trust the team at Worcester during the time she’s been with us. She’s really come on a lot since arriving (she was very shut down initially)
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